The advent of modern medical technology has enabled the development of medical devices such as IVC filters that can assist doctors in treating potentially life-threatening ailments. However, not all medical devices work as designed. In particular, IVC filters can malfunction in the body creating serious health risks. If you or a loved one have had an IVC filter put in for any reason and you have been experiencing unusual pain or discomfort, you should contact a doctor immediately.

About IVC Filters

An IVC filter is a medical device inserted into a patient’s veins designed to prevent fatal blood clots. The device is designed like a cage with the purpose of catching blood clots that are formed in other parts of the body before they reach the heart, which could cause serious injury. IVC filters are commonly inserted into patients at risk for pulmonary embolisms when traditional blood thinning medication is either ineffective or cannot be used for other reasons.

In general, all IVC filters are designed so that they could be removed; however, many filters remain in the body permanently. Unfortunately, many doctors have chosen to leave IVC filters in place in patients who do not truly need them, which increases the possible risk of injury.

Harmful Side Effects Related to the Use of IVC Filters

Over the life of an IVC filter, a number of different possible complications can occur. First, the device can become accidentally dislodged and move into a part of the body where it can do more harm than good. Second, the filter can unexpectedly fracture, allowing the free flow of blood clots while giving patients a false sense of security. Third, if the filter or broken pieces of the filter become accidentally lodged at or near the heart, it can create a serious risk of injury or death.

One of the major problems with IVC filters is removing them after they have either fractured or migrated. Compounding this problem is the fact that it is often impossible to tell that a fracture or migration has occurred until the patient is already in pain. Misuse of IVC filters or the installation of defective IVC filters can result in serious medical problems that have life-threatening consequences.

Learn More About the Lawsuits Being Filed by Consumers Hurt by IVC Filters

IVC filter lawsuits come in many different forms. First, patients who have been harmed by IVC filters could have medical negligence claims against the doctor who either negligently installed the filters or used filters when it was unnecessary or beyond the appropriate standard of care. Second, if the filter itself is defective, the patient may have a legal claim against the filter manufacturer for any resulting injury.

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