The unfortunate reality of modern medicine is that while some medications have important benefits and help save lives, they can also have dangerous side effects. Xarelto is a commonly prescribed medication that serves an important purpose. It can help treat harmful blood clots, but it can also become dangerous without proper monitoring. In particular, Xarelto is known to cause unexpected and excessive bleeding that can become life-threatening if it is not quickly treated by a doctor.

Overview of Xarelto

Xarelto, also known as Rivaroxaban, is a pharmaceutical related to the treatment of blood clots in the lungs or the veins and is classified as an anticoagulant. It is often commonly prescribed to patients who have recently undergone knee surgeries. Some doctors may also prescribe this drug to treat a medical condition known as atrial fibrillation and can lower the risk of a stroke.

Xarelto is a small red pill that has the letters “Xa” written on one side while the number 20 is written on the other side. It is a brand name drug and is only available by prescription. It is a potentially dangerous medication. While it has powerful benefits, those benefits should be weighed against the risks of taking the drug. Additionally, your doctor should periodically examine you to ensure the medicine is working as intended and has not caused serious bleeding problems.

Harmful Side Effects Related to its Use

Xarelto can result in a number of side effects including back pain, dizziness, urination problems, and headaches. These side effects are not life-threatening, but Xarelto is also associated with a much more serious problem: unexpected bleeding. As explained previously, this drug is an anticoagulant which can stop blood from clotting. Sometimes Xarelto can prevent needed blood coagulation.

If you notice any unexpected bleeding or if you have cut yourself and blood will not stop flowing, you should seek immediate medical attention. The bleeding side effect can present itself in many ways, the most dangerous of which are bloody urine or stools, unexpected nosebleeds or cuts, vaginal bleeding, or vomiting of blood or black crusted material that looks like coffee grounds.

Learn More About the Lawsuits Being Filed by Consumers Hurt by Xarelto

This drug is associated with two different types of lawsuits. First, the bleeding reaction must be monitored by an experienced physician. Persistent problems could result in serious injury or death, leading to medical malpractice liability. Second, Xarelto was recently placed on the FDA watch list of dangerous pharmaceuticals for being linked to unexpected and prolonged bleeding, particularly in the form of abnormal female menstrual bleeding. Many have sued Johnson & Johnson, (the manufacturer) for damages associated with their injuries. You should contact an experienced attorney to learn more about your ability to file a lawsuit.

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