While pharmaceuticals such as Abilify are designed to help patients and make lives better, the reality is that not all medications actually work as intended and may actually wind up harming patients.

Many other prescription medications have harmful side effects. While Abilify has helped many people with their psychological conditions, it has also hurt many others. Abilify has been reported to cause depression, mood swings, and even thoughts of suicide. There have also been disturbing reports of Abilify causing obsessive compulsion. If you or someone you know is taking Abilify and has experienced these side effects, you should seek medical help immediately to prevent serious long-term damage.

Overview of Abilify
Abilify, also known as Aripiprazole, is a unique form of anti-psychotic medication that serves many different purposes. Historically, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Abilify’s manufacturer, designed the drug as a treatment for the symptoms of schizophrenia. The usage of Abilify was later expanded to include other mental conditions such as bipolar disorder, Tourette’s disorder, and major depressive disorder. Abilify has even been approved to treat irritability in children with autism.

Side Effects Related to Abilify
The most common side effects of Abilify are dizziness and drowsiness as well as an increased sensitivity to hot and cold. Dry eyes and blurred vision have also been reported. These common side effects are relatively harmless, but Abilify can also have potentially more disastrous consequences.

In certain people, Abilify has caused unexpected behavioral modifications. Abilify was designed to calm extreme emotions, but in some people, use of Abilify has resulted in a worsening of depression and even causing thoughts of suicide. Users of Abilify have also reported sudden mood swings and extreme restlessness, occasionally resulting in insomnia. Finally, there has been a correlation with reports of uncontrollable urges such as gambling compulsions, sex addiction, and extreme hunger.

Taking Legal Action Against the Abilify Drug Manufacturer
In recent years, Abilify usage has resulted in two different types of lawsuits. Abilify’s occasional tendency to increase depression in patients is directly contrary to its purpose, particularly when it is used by victims of major depressive disorder. An anti-psychotic that could possibly increase depression is quite dangerous for use by those who have mental illness.

Many of the lawsuits targeting Abilify’s manufacturer, Bristol-Myers Squibb, have also complained directly of Abilify’s tendency to cause extreme compulsions in its users. Compulsion can be an incredibly dangerous side effect when that compulsion is aimed at a self-destructive activity such as gambling.

If you or someone you know has been negatively impacted by taking Abilify, you should consider contacting a lawyer to discuss your legal options. When consumers are injured by pharmaceuticals, they have a right to seek financial compensation for any injury suffered. Many lawsuits have already been filed as a result of Abilify, and the drug’s negative consequences have been proven. Victims deserve to get the help they truly need, not false hope from medication that does not always work.

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